Speed, Power, Flow • Style

When it comes to high performance, a focused selection of highly refined surf craft is key to dialing in a winning quiver. Our contemporary models offer the best in progressive, modern performance. Customize these tried and true shapes to compliment your style, skill and canvas of choice.

Features:  volupt outline, relaxed entry rocker, smashing tail flip, A+ bottom (contours)


Shorter, wider, spry as a wabbit. The Choder is designed to maximize speed and maneuverability in average surf. Hop from section to section with ease and whip it out when you're ready to get loose and bust a move. Give it a shwAck! 

Features:  Supercharged everything with a healthy serving of secret sauce


Drop in with confidence and kick out with that warm, tingly feeling. You're chasing 10's and with the right equipment you might just bag one. The Proper is as its name suggests, a proper shortboard, highly evolved for critical maneuvers in fun surf. Get on it!

Features:  Speedy rail line, pro-modern+ rocker, single to double concave with light vee exiting the tail 


Fine, I'll admit it. Mr. Slater's green smoothies are swell, but now and again I just crave me a proper donut. Mmm, that sweet, round, hollow yum, preferably a little warm and addicting as all hell. You like? Step up with The Pronut, designed to satisfy your craving for sweet, round, tasty tubes. Fight foam monsters, penetrate closing arteries, and take two for the road. You deserve this... Go Nuts!