Cruisable, timeless, joy

You know it when you see it. Classic lines and curves passed down by generations of joy makers. Our Classic Collection explores the functional arts of board design, emphasizing trim, glide and timeless lines.  Slide around on one of these cruisier craft to discover familiar relics, reinterpreted for today.

Features:  Well before wax you know this one's a singer, especially with a nice dark wood stringer.  Lil belly up front, tight in that tail, swerves like a champ on her special blend rail.  

Joy Stick

Our mid-length point 'n shoot classic. Aim the Joy Stick where you want to go and it'll take you there. Now buster, she's a single fin!  If you ask for a quad I'll try to make ya feel like a purple turd. You'll insist because you don't know any better so eventually I'll give in and just spit on yer veggie burger. Jk, I won't do that, but in less than a year I will sell you that second "magic stick," with a proper glass on flex fin and "I told you so" etched in the foam. This midlength stick'a joy makes a solid travel board from the waist high happy stuff to puckered up Pipe.  

Features:  Deep concave up front flowing into rolled Vee flipping out to a square, moon or diamond tail.  50/50ish rails. 

The One

Ok, if you're looking for a monogamous relationship with a log then this is The One for you. One good slide and you're a skip-to-my-lou closer to classic lines, stylie nose rides and high fashion footwork. One love, one fin, one log that you're destined to love long time. From SanO to Noosa or back to The Bu, if you like logging tip time then this One will do.  

Features: Much like The One with a slightly relaxed tail flip and just a tad more bite to the rails. 


Epinphany's finely tuned classic qualities, are met with overtones of soul, funk & jazz. Under the right feet, this loggy pintail fades in and out of lines that are fresh, lively and uniquely Epinphany. Jump to the nose, jive off the tail, pinch it up high and get ready to wail. Loves those faster, steeper points and reefs.  

Features:  More rocker and less concave up front, harder rails and a fast, drivey back half


Designed with a wider range of waves in mind, the Maestro takes charge in a variety of conditions. From small beachies, to big, sloping reefs and points, the Maestro leads the way. Carrying speed and offering a bit more agility than our more traditional logs, the Maestro's an all around performer, but can also be modified to serve as a great introductory longboard for the aspiring cruise master.