Keep it fresh... strAnge is good

We're of the mindset that "same" gets lame and that an "anything goes" approach to board riding is the recipe for pure, unadulterated joy.  Our ever-evolving A•lternative Collection is designed to help you achieve sensory overload and stoke-enhanced smiles, session after joyous session.  Explore the lines less traveled and discover new feelings under foot.  

Features:  Minimal rocker, 1 concave, 2 fins and a slathering of secret sauce.  Liberation of life's simple pleasures  

Joy Toy

In sync with the resurgence of modern planing hulls and Simmons-esque surf craft, The Joy Toy is perfectly proportioned to stretch your smile in small, nicely shaped waves. Voluptuous profile, flat rocker and pronounced S-deck combine for an extremely fast, fluid wave sliding experience. If you like high lines, happy times, and an increased probability of meeting like-minded joy seekers who really hope you like to share, you NEED a Joy Toy.

Features:  Perfect pairing of flat 'n funky.  #bringbackthefunk #strangeisgood

Joy Box

"The most fun I've ever had on a surfboard," proclaimed braddah Zach at The Inertia after first slides on the world's first Joy Box. A more angular approach to our intergalactically renowned Joy Toy, this little box-o-joy seems to perpetuate similar smiles. Our un-patented, W-Dub tail keeps it funky for tighter turns in the pocket. Dirtier than the average "soap box simmons" and one of our favorite designs for the strange of mind.  

Features:  Single concave throughout with secret sauce between the fins, Optional deck channels for grabability, Chunky in all the right places  


Here's the deal with this savory morsel of modern-alternative RAD - you gotta say "Chick'nugget" fast, so the chicken and the nugget flow together effortlessly. It's just funnier that way. It's also symbolic of how this nuggety little lip popper performs - super fast, allowing you to connect section after mushy section with ease. Upgrade those average waves into a hAppy meal. Sauce it up and have a blast!       

Features: 0-2 wings, 2-5 fins, mach-12 RRC (rails, rocker, contours), lots of waves  

Fish'n Chip

Here fishy fishy! Y'all know what a fish is and this one here's got about as much spunk as a freshly hooked ahi. It just wants to zip around, throw those fins in the air and wave 'em like it just don't care. Seriously though, if you like to get fishy, this buttery little Fish'n Chip is sure to please. Surprisingly nimble from thigh high to a tad overhead. Go fish'n, catch lots, flip out!

Features:  A perfect package of forgiving yet responsive rails, curvalicious McCurvertons, single to double concavatures. 


What a tease! Sexy, curvy, playfully plush. Simple, yet sophisticated. Not too thin, not too thick... shoots, I digress. She's perfect and you know ya want one. Who doesn't? It's a Playmate! We'll give 'er a 9 out'a 10 because if there's one model you could ride 9/10 days a year, it's a Playmate. Whether they're itty bitty or doubling up, this flexible little bundle of joy's not afraid to slip into some pretty precarious positions. Yup, she wants you too!